Diplomatist Magazine Diplomatist April 2018 - Page 24

ADIEU TO CYPRUS ENVOY W hen Ambassadors and High Commissioners get accredited to India and start serving in this beautiful country, they enter a tremendous challenge. That challenge is to ensure that there is a prosperous partnership between their country of origin (their government) and India. Here we must applaud the extraordinary accomplishments of H.E. Demetrios A. Theophylactou who took over as Cyprus High Commissioner to India, on 1 March 2015 and presented his Credentials to the (former) President of India, Hon'ble Pranab Mukherjee on 30 April 2015. As his tenure comes to an end, we at Diplomatist, wish to thank him for all the work he did in India in order to foster the relations between the two countries. A career Diplomat and Post Doctorate Fellow from Oxford University and Senior Associate Member at Harvard University, H.E. Demetrios A. Theophylactou ensured that an active interest in political and economic developments taking place in India and the region, of particular interest to Cyprus and the European Union, had been maintained. The objective was to foster closer economic ties between India and Cyprus, on one hand, and India and the EU, on the other. It's worth recalling here some of his accomplishments. He managed a State Visit in April 2017 with the participation of four Ministers and a large trade delegation where several bilateral agreements had been signed. A State Visit from India to Cyprus is scheduled for next September, with the Honorable President of India heading a large Indian delegation. New agreements are expected to be signed, amongst other activities. He held successful negotiation, completion, and signing of the revised Double Taxation Agreement in 2016, which was pending since 2012. This had opened the way for increased economic and trade activity, registering a growth of 18 percent in respect to bilateral trade with India. Cyprus was the Partner Country at the 2nd India – Europe 29 Business Forum in 2016, with the participation of the Minister of Energy, Commerce, and Trade, who also attended the Energy Summit in New Delhi. Ultimately, new avenues of cooperation and innovation had been explored, whereby India and Cyprus, as well as the EU itself, were able to further share experiences and best practices. New opportunities to foster research and development had also been pursued, particularly in innovative sectors where talents and start-up companies on both sides could clearly benefi t, knowledge-wise and business-wise. Indeed, people-to-people contacts, notably amongst young entrepreneurs, had been one of the High Commissioner’s objectives during his tenure, and results are now bearing fruit. The High Commissioner aspired to a results-oriented collaboration with India, as well as exchanges at the highest level. The objective was to foster growth and promote employment, particularly amongst young entrepreneurs, through innovation and partnerships. He was convinced from the very beginning that India and Cyprus can work closer together to maximise the scope of innovation and synergies. His main motto during his tenure in India was quite simple: working together and being innovative is the way ahead. He will always be remembered for promoting synergies and partnerships for Յи(ȃɅɑ䁅AѕѥѥЃY؃%ՔЃɥఁ9