Diplomatist Magazine Diplomatist April 2018 - Page 23

INSIDE EUROPE EU Presidency, Bulgaria will take the path to its de-provincialisation. More and more Bulgarian politicians and offi cials will know how the EU functions, why it is necessary to have a position and with whom to co-operate in order to realize it. The Europeanization of Bulgaria will be taken one step further, no matter whether it wants it or not. The beginning of 2018, seems to have brought post-electoral sobering and Turkish President Recep Tayyip and his government make visible efforts to revive the dialogue with Europe. Coming Back to the Unresolved Question on Turkey? Given where EU-Turkey relations were last year, at its deepest point with collateral damage of the Turkish referendum campaign as well as the Dutch and German election run-ups, it seemed impossible to put the relationship back on the agenda - neither Brussels, nor Ankara. Calling European nations fascists and arresting their citizens was more on the symbolic side of the crisis. The submission of lists with hundreds of Germans companies for alleged cooperation with the Gulenists was when the future of the relationship became really questionable. Around two thirds of Turkey’s trade is with the EU, and the biggest chunk of it, more than 150 billion euros is with Germany. In the meantime, Austria has appointed a government, in whose coalition a w&VVV@FR77VRb66VƖrFR66W76VvFF2vFGW&WwW&W2&֖VFǒFR&Vvrb#vWfW"6VV2FfR'&Vv@7BVV7F&6&W&rBGW&6&W6FVB&V6WFW&FIB2vfW&VBRf6&RVff'G2F&WffPFRFwVRvFWW&R&VV6r6RbFR'&W7FV@WW&V2VVBFFW7BWFVB'WBGW&W( 2&F0&RBw&VBVFW#rFRURFFVƗfW"FR66FRbFR֖w&FFVB76&RWw&FRbFP7W7F2V22f"2B&7F6ǒvW2FR7&Ɩ06FRGW&WvVB7FvBFVWRFRFRF BB&Rn6ǒFR6WVBg&FRvW7FW&&ƶ6FFF^( 2f"66W76FR'Vv&&W6FV72FW2WBFVƖ6FP6FB6Bv&RG2&vW7BB7FǒfV&VBF&W7V7FVBVv&W"FVvfV B&W7V7B&RFW&6vV&RFRVG2b7BVFW'2FP&VvB6Bvg&ЧFR֖w&G>( F&VBFBW&Fv666ǒW6W2BB6B&66W'FrFW"FfFr77VRU^( 2vVFFR6WFFfRURХGW&WVWFr6fFP6֖rFvW&RǒFRUR7FGWF2'WBBFPV&W"7FFW2v&R&W6VBvf6RFR77VRbFRgWGW&P&VF6Bv&&&ǒBfRB7V'7FFǒf'v&@'WBv&V77W&R&FBFRURvG2FVW6V0VBvW7BWfVBFB'Vv&27F"BFPVFFr&Rb'Vv&&&&76bF266P6'&w2F&V7BFW7F2&V^G2'&frFBP6BǒFƲvFW&FvvFWBFRffVVB`FR'GbFR'Vv&GW&2E2'WB6FBR6&Ɨ6RWW&R&VBbFRVVB&RFR&vvW7BF6f"WW&RvWfW"ƖR6WFVǐV6WvW&SGW&W( 2&RFW7F&Ɨ6rDg&vFv7BFR&6w&VBbF֖6rW&6VvvVVBv&&&ǒWBFRf7W2FR6V7W&G7V7BbFP&VF6&FW"FFRG&FR"V&vG266W6FR&RbFR6BVFV6VB6VG&W2U^( 0V2&VV&66ǒ6VV2f6ƗFF'2FRRbFP6WW&VvB&FW"FbFV"vFFW&W7G2खFR66Rb'Vv&&V6W6RG27F'7BЦ6V7BBvVw&WFW"&&FW"bFRUR&F6WFBV7BFR6VG'BFB7BbFR77VW0FRURvVF&RVFW"b'Vv&FFW&W7B FBB67V'7FF&R6frFVBv&PVW7Fb&W6W&6W2f6BwWG2FRBVࢥFRWF"2FWWGF&V7F"BVBb6fff6RWW&V6V6f&Vv&VF2WG&&F'BVFVF'FF7B( "fb( "77VRB( "&#F( "#