Diplomatist Magazine Diplomatist April 2018 - Page 18

INSIDE EUROPE The two winners of the Italian election are M5S and LN. Both groups belong to the populist trend winning the Euro- Atlantic community, which has been highly visible since the 2016 referendum leading to the departure of the UK from the EU, known as the Brexit vote. since the beginning of the Eurozone crisis. For instance, the public debt of the country reached 131.2 percent of GDP in 2017 and the GDP growth the same year was of 1.5 percent and is projected to decline to 1.4 percent in 2018. Furthermore, the unemployment level remains high at 11.1 percent and in 2016, the youth unemployment reached 37.8 percent. Furthermore, due to the recent historical formation of the country, a lack of unity between the North, historical richer, and the South, highly agricultural, has been at the center of Italian politics. If this issue of unity was only secondary in