Diplomatist Magazine Diplomatist April 2018 - Page 14

INSIDE EUROPE: LEAD STORY POPULIST POLITICS AND THE EUROPEAN SCENARIO European political culture, after the renaissance and its centrifugal effects on European Society, has transformed massively, where the feudal Europe with fl uid boundaries emerged as geographical space encompassing constitutional frameworks in the polity of European countries that envisaged rule of law in domestic as well as external affairs. BY FAISAL QURESH* P opulism can be defi ned as “a political approach that strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups’’ [Oxford Dictionary 2017]. Populism politics is not a new phenomenon. As its scope, intensity and effi ciency has expanded in recent times both in horizontal and vertical dimensions in a political context. In the horizontal way, the mass appeal has increased among the general electorate, whereas in the vertical way, that appeal has been successfully utilised by the leaders of the populist parties. It has happened due to the advancement in the Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and B^[[ۈ[Y\[[وH]ܚ[X[YH[\X[YK]HY[وH۝[\ܘ\B]Hو8&ؘ[\][۸&H[H NN [H[ܙX\[œ][[HوY\XY\HوH[\]HH[\[XXˈ]\ܙX]YH]XHو[\ۛX[ۜ[[ܛX][ۈ\[˂[[\[Y\[\[[Y[[[ۙX\\\H\\YHHXY\][\Y[\ˈB[Z\[H[\\]\H[X\]Y[]][ۜš[[[ [H[[Y\XH]HYHܘYX[]][ۈو[\X\[[[ܘXY\XYۜ]][ۘ[[][ۜˈ]\H\X[]][ۂ NLMH[H[Y\[Hو]]ܚ]\X[Y[Y\[\X[K][H[\[{ XYY\[Y\ق[\K\H\H^X][\[[Y\[X\›[ؚ[^][ۜوܚ\HH]ZYZ[B\\\X[[\\K[[[ܘ]X[Y\[\]X^\]Y\[KXܘ]]]\H8&[KB][ۘ[\[x&K[\]X[HX\[[[ܘ]X˜[Y\و]\H\XX[K\]X]BX[]Hوؘ[\][ۋX[YY\^Z['ؘ[\][ۈ\]\ۈ[Y[X[[Y[[ۈ; HY]H[Hوܛ\Z[\[YY[\]]\'K]\H[Y[ۋX\\\X[HX[ XۛZX[\[\\[[ٛܛX][ۜ][\[[B]X[[ٛܛX][ۈ\[ \Kؘ[\][ۈ\YZ[\H[HXۛZX\H]X\[\][ۋ]]\][ۈ[[\\][ۈوXۛZY\[HX\[ؘ[XۛZX[Y]ܚˈ]YXYHY\Xœ]XوH][ۋ\]\[HXZ܈^KL8(^[ܙ[\H[[\[X\H\X]\8( 8(\YH 8(\[ N Y