DIL State of the Lab Winter 2014-2015 - Page 11

WINTER 2014 Berkeley in the fall of 2014. Development Engineering, he argues, is different from traditional engineering in that the field aims to re-center technical issues, like clean water provision, within the larger contexts of political economy and society. “Introducing non-technical elements in my engineering training was really difficult at first, but I saw it as necessary,” said Ali. “Working with non-engineers was confusing initially, because I didn’t quite understand their language,” he continued, “but there was something important there that I needed to understand. It challenged me to go beyond my own technical lens and learn to see from perspectives of new fields. “Working across disciplinary divides requires intellectual humility. But it’s given me ideas about how we can use technical solutions to address development challenges in solidarity with the people we aim to help.” New Faces at DIL Kevin Audi – DIL Research Manager Kevin Audi supports DIL’s research activities, including the launch of the new Development Engineering journal. In addition to his work with DIL, he serves as a Research Associate at CEGA, where he manages the Kenya Life Panel Survey (KLPS), a long-term follow up of participants from three prior randomized evaluations, and provides support for REPP. Prior to joining CEGA, he worked with Innovations for Poverty Action in Kenya coordinating field activities for KLPS. Kevin holds a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley. Adrienne Chuck – HESN Coordinator (MPP ’16) Adrienne Chuck is a Graduate Student Researcher for Big Ideas@Berkeley, where she coordinates outreach and collaboration across the Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN). She also manages the Blind Spots in International Development Essay Contest. Adrienne is a first year Master of Public Policy student at the Goldman School and previously received a B.A. in African Studies from Middlebury College. Over the past few years, she worked in Washington, DC on U.S. foreign policy towards Africa at the Atlantic Council, and issues of governance and anti-corruption at the World Bank. Asim Fayaz – DIL Idea Team (MDP ’16) Asim Fayaz is a first year graduate student in the Masters in Development Practice program and a member of the DIL Idea Team. He is interested in the use of ICT for problem solving, especially in in developing countries. Prior to attending UCB, Asim served as the Founding Director of the Technology for the People Initiative, a nonprofit applied research and design centre in Pakistan that designed tech-driven solutions for the public sector. He has also worked as a consultant for various organizations, including World Bank Pakistan, CIDA and IGC. He is from Lahore, Pakistan, and holds a B.S. in Computer Science from LUMS. Sophi Martin – DIL Associate Director, Institutional Relations Sophi Martin serves as the Associate Director of Institutional Relations where she builds and maintains relationships with external stakeholders – companies, practitioners, and organizations looking to partner with DIL. Previously, Sophi worked for the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign in corporate relations and research administration. Sophi holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering and a B.S. in Engineerin