DigiTech Magazine - UK CIO2020 - Spring 2015 - Page 5

...................................................................................................................................................................................... TRAVELSPORTGAMES Schwinn CycleNav Sleepow Aether Cone Cycling has never been more popular, and we have The Aether Cone is smarter than your average Are you sleeping comfortably? If not, the perfect gadget for you lycra-clad warriors. The speaker. It learns what you like to listen to and Sleepow could be a life-saver. Based upon Schwinn CycleNav is to your bike what TomTom automatically plays the songs that you love. Know neuroscience research, this memory foam is to your car. This handy device connects to your pillow has an embedded sound machine and what you want to hear? Just ask, and the voice smartphone via Bluetooth and uses flashing lights recognition software will do the rest. A gentle twist mp3 player which allows you to drift off to and voice commands to get you home. With your pre-loaded binaural relaxation music. If that of the cone will change the music to a different, attention on the road and not on your phone any type doesn’t take your fancy then you can upload but similar artist, whilst a big twist changes it to of biking – from exploring new trails to commuting to and stream your audio-books and music using something totally different. A 3” woofer, dual tweeters work – is safer and easier than ever before. and 20 watt amplifier means that your favourite Bluetooth. Sweet dreams. music has never sounded better. Price: £36 Price: £79 Equil Smartpen 2 Although we love living in the digital age sometimes we just want to use good old fashioned pen and paper. This pen lets you do just that- with a modern twist. You can write using real ink- on any ordinary piece of paper, it captures what you have written in digital form, and will send the converted text to your PC, phone or tablet. It does this using a small clip on the top of your page, which also serves as a carrying case and charger – saving you hours of typing up all those notes. Price: £110 Price: £250 Handpresso Auto ESE Portable Espresso Maker Did you forget your daily dose of caffeine this morning? With the Handpresso Portable Espresso Maker that problem will become a thing of the past! This handy gadget is powered by the cigarette lighter in your car, and is a life saver if there are no coffee shops in the vicinity. Simply add water, coffee, press the button and voila – a ready-made espresso! Price: £124 PhoneSoap Logitech Type S We all love our smartphones… however the gadget If you love your tablet but find it impractical to we love so much is a breeding ground for bacteria use for work then the Logitech Type S is for you. and other nasties. Cue PhoneSoap. Although it may This thin and light protective keyboard case for look like a tanning bed for your phone, what this the Samsung Galaxy Tab will not only protect clever little gadget does is simultaneously charge your tablet from accidental bumps and knocks, your phone whilst using UV-C light to get rid of it has an in-built Bluetooth keyboard too! The any unwanted bacteria. It is designed to work with well-spaced keys provide a fast and comfortable nearly every smartphone, both big and small. So typing experience, whilst the dual-stand caters show your smartphone the love it deserves! for a range of different activities. Price: £30 Price: £60 Parrot Flower Power To all you green fingered enthusiasts here is a fancy new gizmo that will ensure that your plants are offered the best care possible. This technology- packed twig pairs with your smartphone to provide you with real time botanical data and handy tips for taking care of your plant. The Parrot Flower Power will even provide you with short term predictions on the health of your beloved tulips, letting you know exactly how much love and tenderness they need. Price: £55 CIO Magazine Spring 2015 Issue 5