Digital Version - Page 9 Sulphur Springs Community School and the Sulphur Springs YMCA

after-school/summer program.

PATHS® is an evidence­-based social and emotional learning curriculum that empowers children with the knowledge and skills to:

•handle emotions positively


•resolve conflicts peacefully

•make responsible decisions

Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies (PATHS®)


An assistant principal at Sulphur Springs visited a 5th grade classroom to observe a community building session. As part of the process, after a student shares, 3 other students are able to comment or ask questions related to what was shared. A student shared, holding back from tearing up, that his dog had passed away the previous day. As students raised their hands to comment, the assistant principal held his breath thinking of the possible teasing that could be directed toward a student showing vulnerability. But as the students responded, the AP's heart warmed. The first student said, "I'm sorry for your loss." The second student said, "I know how hard that is. My dog died too." The third student responded by putting his arm around him to comfort him.

Making A Difference

This is what is possible when we create safe spaces and opportunities for students to connect and bond with one another.


Students Served