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Frameworks trained and supported the Sulphur Springs K-8 Community School for the second year with the implementation of the PATHS® program. We also supported the Sulphur Springs YMCA in their afterschool and summer program. We continued to build a support sytem for the school in maintaining and sustaining their focus on social and emotional learning in all aspects of the school day.

Why do elementary students need social and emotional learning?

Children experience the integration between their affect (emotions), cognition (thinking), and behavior (actions) during the elementary years, but they need support to optimize their development. Adults provide opportunities for children to apply:

•healthy emotional expression



•among other social and

emotional skills.


“You made me feel ____ because _____"


We were proud to the have a presentation of information about the implementation of the PATHS® program at the PATHS® International Conference in Chicago, IL in May 2016. Raul Garcia, Behavioral Specialist for Sulphur Springs Community School and Masa Mochizuki, SEL Specialist from Frameworks presented how we use the miniDESSA Social and Emotional Learning assessment to support a quality implementation of the PATHS® program. It was an honor to be included as presenters at this conference with PATHS® program implementers from around the world!

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