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Creates Better Schools

Social and emotional skills contribute to the establishment of healthy classrooms.

10 Reasons You Should Care

Prevents Violence & Bullying

Teaching social and emotional skills can help

prevent bullying and violence in schools.

Improves Academic Performance

Social and emotional skills contribute to an increase in academic and testing performance.

Encourages College and Career Success

Learning these skills will prepare youth to be successful in college and in the workplace.

Promotes Responsible Decision Making

Responsible decision making and problem solving is applicable to almost any situation a child or adult will encounter – from the classroom to

the boardroom.

Improves Home and Family Life

Communication and conflict-resolution skills make home and family life easier for parents and youth and improve peer/adult relationships.

Improves Your Own Emotional Intelligence

Modeling social and emotional skills for our youth improves our own social and emotional intelligence.

Prevents Risky Behaviors

Social and emotional learning can help prevent risky behaviors such as eating disorders, substance abuse, teen pregnancy and dating violence.

Promotes Peace

Social and emotional learning can contribute to a more peaceful and less violent world.

Encourages Respect and Diversity

Teaching the values of social and emotional learning to youth builds respect, appreciation, acceptance and connection between diverse others.