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Middle School Programming

LifeSkills® Training is the evidence-­based curriculum we use in middle schools. It is a substance abuse prevention program which focuses on the

psychological and social factors which causes individuals to engage in risky behaviors (ie., substance abuse, violence, etc.). Life Skills Training provides youth with the confidence and skills necessary to handle various challenging situations.

LifeSkills® Training


Our Community Building Sessions help in developing a positive classroom community where students feel they belong, are significant members of the group, and build connections with peers.

Community Building Sessions

Our social and emotional learning Champs organized full school implementations at their schools (Burns, Shields, and Tomlin); schools used the structure of Community Building Sessions in their staff meetings (Mann, Shields, Adams, Martinez, Sulphur Springs, Eisenhower, and Sligh). Our champions really helped in getting their administrators and teachers on board with not just the middle school program initiative but actively making social and emotional learning a part of their school culture.