DIGITAL UP Magazine NO. 1 - Page 94

Aleksandra Kingo is a London-based photographer from Lithuania.
The work of Aleksandra Kingo is centered on people and their identities. She finds inspiration in everyday life stories as well as popular culture. Humor and awkward irony of daily life are the notable elements of her work. She loves creating surreal worlds where bananas are pink and lipstick stains are a
blessing. Kingo is influenced by cultural, digital and real world elements - from legendary photographer Guy Bourdin to works at Tumblr.
Ever since she was 15-years-old living in Lithuania, Kingo was interested in photography. Since then she
graduated from the London College of Fashion studying fashion styling and photography, and became a Londonbased photographer. Her work is always very carefully planned and sketched in detail prior to each shooting session.
Kingo’s most recent work was a band Yelle. The final result of their work is a music video for the track Moteur Action, a sexually charged, tongue-incheek explosion of color and play. This is Alexandra Kingo’s first step into video and a successful one, too. AleksandraKingo is just getting started. Hopefully we shall see a lot more of her work in the future.
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