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Boris Ignatovich
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Like the photographer’s way of expression through photography, this site reflects the artistic mastery of a new reality, too. A beautiful biography told in a new way, and easier for reading and admiration. The site is made by Redis, a digital design agency based in Russia, specializing in creative and trending design, branding and web development.
Creative, simple and transparent...
Great visual identity and product packed marketing site tells the story of one integrated solution for
people who work within the music industry.Revelator was founded in 2013 by music veteran Bruno Guez
(Founder of Quango Music Group and former Creative Director, music for Cirque Du Soleil). This site was
made by thedigital creative agency Hello Monday ( whose mission is to create joyful
digital experiences and unique visual identities that tickle the brain. Check their website too; you will find a great collection of interesting tech solutions and overall great work.
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