DIGITAL UP Magazine NO. 1 - Page 85

Three different ways to explore the same site information
Users can access website material via hotspots that pop up in context to create interactive slides, through the menu option and button click. There is a scroll option too… Try it! Maybe you will find something more… The website is designed by Moscow-based design studio Nikoland and is intended for startups and services sites.
Sons of Gallipoli
Modern perspective of WWI documentary, inspired by 100th anniversaryof the Gallipoli campaign
What a creative way to introduce historical topics to a mostly young audience! Rich, unique and innovative design provides a huge archive of historical documents to the viewer, explored as secondary content while watching the documentary, which contains the main linear narrative. Intuitive navigation and excellent script guide you through the historical story of Gallipoli. Produced by Kale Group, in Canada by Jan3, in Turkey by Modiki.
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