DIGITAL UP Magazine NO. 1 - Page 84

Activation Nodeplus – Multi-Award winning digital creative agency in China
They have some serious clients (Bvulgari,BMW) and do serious creative work. Established in early
2012 by Welson Tu, a digital marketing pioneer, Activation Nodeplus keeps growing on the digital map of China after joining Activation Group, a marketing agency specializing in luxury and premium brands. Ever
since they started from 5 people to now nearly 60 professionals, many things have changed. But they still uphold adamant belief that they must continue to inject tireless passion into their craft, leverage leading-edge technologies to produce seamless experience, and utilize expertise to turn their creative vision into a reality.
Creative digital production studio based in Venice, Italy
ActiveTheory makes some of the most unique and technically complex websites in the world.
Their approach to projects doesn’t have templates and fixed paths, but an opportunity for new ideas and
memorable creations with attention to detail. They use custom built tools such as a high performance,
CSS animation engine, JavaScript MVC structure and a modular, cloud-driven CMS.
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