DIGITAL UP Magazine NO. 1 - Page 82

Epic site for epic occurrence – Epicurrence
Site is made by Rally Studio as support for creating a conference with 10 speakers from world of creatives, artists and designers. Really attractive and inspired by skiing, snowboarding, exploring and enjoyment.
Capitol Couture Final Issue (2015)
The new fashion trend comes to us from the city of Panem
Jump into a new suit, bring your new bow and target precisely. Producers of The Hunger Games created a
special site called Capitol Couture, that highlights all of the latest & greatest fashion trends from Panem and inspired by Panem, the fictional nation from the hit book/movie series. If you like Sci-fi fashion, this site will leave a lasting impression on you. Site is designed by independent Watson
Design Group,founded in 2005 and specializing in innovative online development.