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But, we are not talking about those here – most are already familiar with them. There are some out there which go beyond the ordinary, some that are so advanced, complex and flexible that they open doors
to the uncharted spaces of freedom and creativity. Such are Photoshop actions by the Australian designer that goes by the online name ‘Sevenstyles’. He has created over 70 such advanced Photoshop actions,
and they are all available commercially at website.
Unlike most others, these actions use randomized values to create slightly different effects and textures each time the action is triggered. So, each time you use them you end up with a unique result,
and because they are well organized in numerous layers, each with its own layer mask, you can change and tweak the resulting effect endlessly. On the next pages, we are introducing some of the most impressive Photoshop actions by ’Sevenstyles’.
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