DIGITAL UP Magazine NO. 1 - Page 61

France is in the Air
Air France created a lovely, colorful, retro-style campaign France is in the Air.
The promotional video takes us on a dreamy voyage through all the iconic French things we know and recognize: fine dining, the French kiss, the Tour de France, Paris Opera ballerinas, a highfashion photo shoot. The action is set inside an imaginative ballroom-like airplane, with king-size swings hanging from the ceiling, and light coming from the side windows. The idea of the campaign is to reflect
the Company’s new attitude: its openness and customer closeness. »This new promo carries many ambitions. Air France is celebrating its values in pictures and music to support the upmarket move of its products
and services. Caring, high quality and pleasure, French style travel has the best assets to deserve our customers’ preference and win over new markets,« said Frédéric Gagey, chairman and CEO of Air France.
France is in the Air credits go to BETC Paris agency.
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