DIGITAL UP Magazine NO. 1 - Page 5

Digital Up Magazine EDITOR’S LETTER
Endless moving.... We are always in motion. We traverse distances. We live in fast and dynamic
times. Technology is everywhere around us. We live with it and are surrounded with an abundance of choices. You can jump on a snowboard in one second or slowly stroll to the closest cafe, board
a plane to move to another part of the planet, or enter into a world which is completely removed
and virtual. Everything is dynamic, fast and in motion.... Different paths and lifestyles can lead
to the same place - important are our goals.
The aim of the arts is to capture that motion and interpret it through an image, video, music or creative design. Motion demands continuity, prolonged movement of things and changing from one motion to another, or to the absence of it, creating changes in dynamics. Also, our technology is closely connected to human creativity, and is in fact created out of it. That dynamic connection of creativity and technology leads us into an exploration of current and future possibilities.
In this issue we want to do just that — to present the work of cretives from around the world
focusing on their expression of movement and dynamics. Jump in!
Cale eDitor