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Star Wars fan, huh? With an authentic personality, this Droid displays a range of expressions based on your interactions. BB-8 will perk up when you give it voice commands - but don’t be fooled, this
little Droid has a mind of its own, allowing it to develop its own unique attitude and actions as you interact. Control BB-8 using your smartphone, tablet,or even voice. BB-8 not only responds to your verbal commands, but is also eager to explore neighboring galaxies independently thanks to its autonomous behavior.
With BB-8 you can record and view holographic recordings through the free app, projecting your video creations on any surface. Don’t let BB-8’s wit, agility and intelligence fool you. This Droid is durable and more than ready for a rough and tumble good time. His sturdy design and cute intelligence make him the perfect sidekick for navigating the Star Wars™ galaxy. BB-8 is more than a toy — it’s your travel companion.BB-8
US-based start-up Light has officially introduced its L16, a portable device packed with 16 individual cameras, ten of which capture an image at the same time at different fixed focal lengths. The resulting photograph is a composite of all of the individual images combined, with a final resolution of up to 52 megapixels.
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