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»We want the world to experience materials that are out of the ordinary, understanding that they
are available now and not necessarily just sci-fi futuristic fashion predictions,« Lauren Bowker told Forbes magazine. The RCA graduate’s unconventional design studio turned fashion brand, The Unseen recently launched Air, a new range of looking forward, science-led accessories. Lauren Bowker fits under the title ’Material Alchemist’, a fitting hint of the occult — her work certainly holds an air of mystique. This is more than play with hyper color. Bowker’s work includes alligator skin with season-shifting responsive ink and a calfskin backpack that responds to changes in the surrounding air pressure. What if our clothes told us about the things we can’t see?And, what if the technology in ’wearable tech’ was wearable itself? It’s a thought-provoking idea and a possible game-changer.
Lauren’s work in this field began by developing a pollution-absorbent ink. The Unseen’s latest range
of products are beautiful wearables and accessories, dubbed ARTICLES, but it is where Bowker’s future leads us that’s really interesting.
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