DIGITAL UP Magazine NO. 1 - Page 29

your project. The more you think,
the more you postpone it, and
usually the idea gets lost in that
Digital Up Magazine Tobias Van Schneider
Start immediately with process. The essential about the projects is that they need to be fun and stupid.« Van Schneider’s often quoted »Side projects must be stupid« sentence actually reveals that projects must be simple, therefore stupid, so everyone can easily understand them.
»The only way a side project will work is if people give themselves permission to think simple, to
change their minds, to fail — basically, to not take them too seriously,« says van Schneider. »When you treat something like it’s stupid, you have fun with it, you don’t put too much structure around it. You can enjoy different types of success.« Tobias finds inspiration in reading a lot and travelling as much as he can. He believes in life-long learning, and he makes sure he constantly learns new things.
Van Schneider is very into social media. He thinks of them as a necessary part of today’s life, since all of the latest news show up first on social media. He also thinks that Twitter is the best and fastest tool for keeping up with the latest web trends.
Since Tobias runs a personal blog, maybe we can expect him to turn it into a book in the near future. Who knows, anything can happen.
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