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Anthony Jones, concept artist and illustrator, recently published a book of his artwork. Heaven’s Hell is all about the afterlife. The author explores what awaits us after death. Do we find peace of mind or do we continue to struggle and suffer? Is our soul transported to another realm of being? Can we escape it?
His characters, Haliled, Crimson and Sapphire Sages, among others, are drawn and painted with sensual, imaginative attire. His fully-detailed drawings are intentionally provocative and unsettling, since his
personal vision of the afterlife is precisely that - both heaven and hell.
Jones has worked as an artist in the entertainment industry since 2008 for several distinguished companies, including Sony, Blizzard Entertainment, Paramount, Western Costumes, Applibot, Wizards of the
Coast, and Hasbro. He is also an educator and enjoys this role the most, since he is now able to help other young artists to finesse their skills and find their own creative paths, as well as providing them a venue where they can showcase their work through his company, Robotpencil.
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