DIGITAL UP Magazine NO. 1 - Page 103

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Neville Brody, British graphic designer and the Dean of the School of Communication at the RCA (also founder of Brody Associates), is an author of two new custom typefaces for UK broadcaster Channel 4.
The idea was to create two unique typography faces, and Brody collaborated with inhouse team 4Creative, director Jonathan Glazer and agency DBLG. The final results are the Horseferry and Chadwick fonts. The new custom designs come in three and five weights. Both designs have their own different purpose. Horseferry is intended for display purposes, and Chadwick for information. “We focused on creating a
scalable typographic language which was based on the idea of a new British Gothic, one to which we then added imbalanced flourishes and imperfections, celebrating the idea of our nation as one of inventors, eccentrics and individuals,” explains Brody.
• Chadwick – a rounded, warm, geometric, and corporate typeface, designed for clear and easy legibility. Chadwick is meant to be used for informative purposes of the broadcaster’s public service.
• Horseferry –a bit of a strange font, crafted from the Chadwick font. Horseferry blends in the block from the Channel 4 logo. Harsh edges of this font type reflect the cutting edgepersonality of the British Institution.
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