Digital Maestro March 28, 2016 - Page 4

Creating A Site From A Template These are just some recommendations. There are many more templates available by clicking the “browse gallery button”. If this is your first time creating a Google site you will see a basic page with a red button on the left that reads “create”. Go ahead and click this button. For this example we will select the classroom template. The skills we learn using this template can be used on any template. A blue frame will appear around the template after it has been selected. A page will open with the option to select a template for our new site. The template that is automatically selected is the one to create a blank site. The other templates include templates for education, sports and business. The next step is to provide a name to our site. This process can be challenging because your site must be unique otherwise Google will not allow you to use that name. The uniqueness of the site is not really related to the name of the site but to the site address in Google 2