Digital Maestro March 28, 2016 - Page 16

Google Site Theme Colors In this example, I’ve selected the Slate theme. There are many themes to choose from. One of these is bound to meet your We get a preview of the theme in the area below. needs. The themes themselves can be modified. Below the theme selector is a section that allows us to change the colors and images of different sections of the site. We can change the background color of the entire page or the text color. Other sections we can change include the site header, content area, gadgets and I’ll go for one that is easier on the eyes horizontal navigation. and that is open enough for to get started. We can always come back here and change the theme colors without affecting the content of our pages. To apply the theme we want, click the save button. After saving the page theme we won’t be taken out of the section but remain incase we want to make other changes. 14