Digital Maestro March 28, 2016 - Page 13

Creating A Blank Site we are not a robot. Place a check mark in the box if you are not a robot. If the address you want isn’t unique, then nothing much will happen. A message in This is the second site I’ve created using this account so the process to verify I am not a robot is very simple. If this is your first time creating a site with your account, you will need to go through an additional process. You can see what this process looks like by going to my lesson on creating a site from a template. Essentially, you will be asked to answer a question and to select your answer from red will appear below the address informing you that the address is not available. At this point you will need to think of another address and provide it in the box. You will need to verify you are not a robot again and click the “create site” button. Proving you are not a robot the second time around might require that you select images based on a question. several images. Now that we’ve verified I’m not a robot, I’m sure your relieved, we can create our site. Click the “create” button. 11