Digital Maestro March 28, 2016 - Page 12

Creating A Blank Site Click on the “create” button to begin the the specific name of my site. We can process. change this to something else. The blank template is automatically In this example I’ve changed the address selected for us. The red border around to “reyesclassroom”. In the address, we the template indicates this. can’t have any spaces between words. This address which I’ve created must be unique. At this point there is no way to determine if this address is unique. We need to go through the rest of the process to verify it is unique and we can claim it for our own. Once a site address has been claimed, it cannot be used by The first step in the process is to provide a name for our site. This seems easy but can be difficult because your site name is tied to your site address. You’ll see what I mean as we work with the lesson. In this example the site name is for my classroom which is easy enough. The site location, which is the internet address for my site starts with “https://“ and is followed by anyone ever again. This site address is not like a .com or other domain address like .org or .edu. These are purchased domain names. The address we are creating here is free and part of Google Sites. I’ll skip over some of the other options for now until we can verify the address is available. At this point we need to verify 10