Digital Guiding Principles (DGPs) - Page 9

• an age disclaimer or statement should be placed reminding users that the content is intended for LPA users only; • the platform should provide a mechanism to remove or moderate inappropriate UGC. b. Placement of alcohol beverage marketing communications Principle Whenever they do not actively engage a user to directly interact with a brand, alcohol marketing communications should only be placed in media which can reasonably be expected to meet stated audience composition targets, where at least 70%5 of the audience is of the legal purchase age (LPA). c. Forwardable content and content sharing Principle Whenever alcohol beverage companies’ controlled digital platforms have the functionality to allow content sharing, alcohol beverage companies should include a Forward Advice Notice (FAN) on the platform, clearly stating that the content should not be forwarded to anyone under LPA in the country of viewing. Implementation The Forward Advice Notice should be visible, or accessible through a visible link, on all alcohol beverage company-controlled platforms (and/or directly in digital marketing communications) designed for sharing content, such as social media pages, mobile applications, and direct digital marketing communications. 5 Or any other local applicable rules on placement. 9