Digital Guiding Principles (DGPs) - Page 8

The Digital Guiding Principles 1. MINORS a. Age-affirmation mechanism Principle Whenever alcohol beverage marketing communications actively engage a user to directly interact with a brand, alcohol beverage companies should use an age-affirmation mechanism to check that this user is over LPA.3 Implementation Where possible, age-affirmation should be based on a combination of date-of-birth (DOB) and country of residence (and province/state wherever appropriate). This information can be provided either by asking the user directly or through any technological settings which automatically recognize both or either of these. If the age-affirmation mechanism used includes a “remember me” option, an additional notice should be included on the age-affirmation page reminding the user to consider the appropriateness of accepting this option if the computer is shared with other users below LPA. Whenever a user’s access is denied through an age-affirmation mechanism, this user should be sent an appropriate message and/or be redirected to an appropriate alcohol-related social aspects website. Users should not be able to easily back click and re-enter a different date of birth. In case the digital platform on which alcohol beverage marketing communications are placed allows direct interaction but does not provide any age-affirmation mechanism, alcohol beverage companies should consider the following three conditions below before placing their digital marketing communications: • the platform’s audience in the country for which the marketing communication is intended should meet the stated audience composition targets, where at least 70%4 of the audience is of LPA; 3 4 8 Unless user is being referred from a platform which requires similarly rigorous age-affirmation standards. Or any other local applicable rules on placement.