Digital Guiding Principles (DGPs) - Page 7

CONTROL Alcohol beverage companies have control when: • they are the authors of the content, or • such content is produced and authorized for use on their behalf and they control the platform on which such content is placed, or • they are not the authors of the content (e.g. UGC) but they control the platform on which such content is placed. As a consequence, User Generated Content placed on third party platforms which is neither owned nor controlled by an alcohol beverage company does not fall under the control of alcohol beverage companies. As such, it is not covered in the Digital Guiding Principles’ scope. LEGAL PURCHASE AGE (LPA) The Legal Purchase Age is the minimum age required to buy alcohol. It is locally defined and varies across countries. Should no local LPA exist, or should a breakdown of the respective local LPA not be available, 18 years old should be used as a fallback. USER GENERATED CONTENT (UGC) All content – including text, videos, and images – produced by individual users not associated with the advertiser. FORWARDABLE CONTENT All branded digital content – including static, streaming, and downloadable – which can be forwarded and shared by a user to/with other users. RESPONSIBLE DRINKING MESSAGE (RDM) Message featured in alcohol beverage marketing communications advocating responsible drinking. Its content and design may vary from one alcohol beverage company to another. PERSONAL DATA Any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual (data subject).2 LANDING PAGE The landing page is any web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website. 2 Definition extracted from the 2013 OECD Privacy Framework. 7