Digital Guiding Principles (DGPs) - Page 6

Implementation In adopting these Digital Guiding Principles, we will adapt our internal practices to reflect the high-level standards laid out in this document. For this reason, a period of transition will be agreed upon before launching the third party compliance audits to which we committed as part of the Commitments. A number of provisions included in the Digital Guiding Principles are by nature subject to the technical feasibility and practicality provided by digital platforms and social media operators. Digital marketing communications are in a state of continuous evolution. These Digital Guiding Principles will therefore be reviewed and updated periodically so as to reflect the developments in digital marketing communications. Scope The Digital Guiding Principles are relevant to all branded alcohol beverage digital marketing communications (paid and unpaid), including but not limited to advertising and marketing communications on websites such as social network sites and blogs, as well as mobile communications and applications, where the content of those communications is under the control of alcohol beverage companies’ marketers. Definitions AGE-AFFIRMATION Mechanism by which a user is required to provide his/her full date-of-birth (DOB) and country of residence (and province/state wherever appropriate) to affirm he/she is of Legal Purchase Age (LPA). Age-affirmation processes may vary according to the available technology. DIRECT INTERACTION Direct interaction is triggered whenever a user is provided with the ability to directly and actively engage with the brand, beyond just viewing or listening to content (e.g., sharing content, posting content, responding to a direct digital marketing communication). DIRECT DIGITAL MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Direct digital marketing communications cover all marketing communications whereby a brand engages directly and personally with a user, for instance using either this user’s private e-mail address or mobile phone number. 6