Digital Catalogues - Page 8

Left: In this photo, Kwakwaka’wakw Chief William Scow _ _ and members of the Neel family gift permission to use the Thunderbird and the Victory Through Honour Pole (located in front of Brock Hall) to the AMS at the 1948 homecoming game (1949). Photograph courtesy of the AMS Totem Yearbook Right: “Chief Henry Seaweed participating in UBC Sports Hall of Fame event in rededication of Thunderbird name for the use of UBC sports teams (1993).” Right: University of British Columbia Archives, Photo by Abe Hefter [UBC 44.1/3117] The current logo is not a Kwakwaka’wakw design; how _ _ does the Thunderbird on the Victory Through Honour Pole compare to the logos shown in this case? 8