Digital Catalogues - Page 28

“It shows what I represent, and therefore the values my sisters and I share.” How does this outfit make you feel when you wear it during tours? “In some ways it makes me feel superior and on top of everything. In other ways I feel like I’m part of a system that relies on illusions of perfection to recruit younger girls.” How do people express their identity within a group? We conducted research on how UBC students represent themselves through clothing. The cases in this exhibit that refer to campus clubs, groups, and sororities, address how people produce their identity within a group and express this through images and clothing. We wanted the exhibit to include other UBC campus groups as well as sororities, as sororities can be perceived as exclusive and not openly accessible to all UBC students. The second, half case, in our design is focused on other campus club groups. IF YOU WERE INVOLVED IN A CAMPUS CLUB OR GROUP AND HAD THE CHANCE TO DESIGN YOUR OWN CLUB LOGO, WHAT WOULD IT LOOK LIKE? 28