Digital Catalogues - Page 27

What do you like, and/or not like, about the quality and make of the tours shirt? “It’s very comfortable and the style is nice, however, the fitting could be better.” How does this outfit make you feel when you wear it during tours? “It makes me feel like a part of a sisterhood.” What role does the Greek lettering, and the shirt’s color play in this purpose? “Greek letters allow for new girls going through recruitment to know what sorority we are and the colour helps the new girls to easily identify us from other sororities.” How did you personalize your outfit? “You can make your own imprint in the Greek system, you just need to find your own way.” “Overall I’m trying to convey individuality in the simplicity and a sort of realness that doesn’t come out a lot in sorority recruitment.” What does wearing the shirt mean to you? “It means I’m part of a band of sisters, part of a community on campus and involved in my university experience at the beginning of term.” 27