Digital Catalogues - Page 26

THESE ARE SOME OF THE QUESTIONS WE ASKED SORORITY MEMBERS, AND THEIR RESPONSES: What messages do you want to convey with this outfit during recruitment? “The main intent is to distinguish ourselves from the other seven sororities. We want to convey an image of casual fun and confidence while looking like a unified group.” What role does the Greek lettering, and the shirt’s color play in this purpose? “Greek lettering and the shirt’s colours are the most important and distinguishable part of the outfit, as the other parts of the outfit are fairly standard across the board.” “Visually, having so many women dressed in the same colour together in one room makes a very large impact and shows unity.” How comfortable are these outfits to wear? “The shirts are a bit on the snug side, but after a few washes they’re fine.” “Not very, the shirts are tight and the heels are not comfortable to stand in for long days.” What does wearing the shirt mean to you? “It means that I am representing my organization and all my actions should refle