Digital Catalogues - Page 25

HOW IS SORORITY CULTURE REPRESENTED THROUGH CLOTHING AT UBC? E ach year the eight sororities on UBC campus hold an annual recruitment, known as Formal Recruitment, designed to attract new student members. ‘Tours’ is the first day of Formal Recruitment in which Potential New Members (PNMs) are introduced to each Chapter to get to know the women of each sorority and to better understand their values. Through this mutual selection process, PNMs will receive a bid, or invitation at the end of Formal Recruitment, to join one of the eight sororities. The first impressions that PNMs have of the different sororities are mediated through what is known as a tours outfit, a standardized ensemble worn by all sorority members, consisting of a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Although this outfit is fairly uniform across all sororities, each sorority has their own take on the outfit that expresses and advertises who they are to PNMs. Our research group was interested in how materiality influences the sorority’s ideal image to the PNMs and as such, we narrowed our focus to explore what wearing the outfit meant to AOΠ members in terms of its perceived function, as well as how they felt emotionally and physically when wearing it. 25