Digital Catalogues - Page 20

1939-1945 The Second World War involved both male and female students. It stimulated on-campus education and research, and provided the catalyst for a surge of growth in student numbers. 1940-45 1943 - Participants in the Canadian army course During the Second World War, 22,000 Japanese Canadians were uprooted and exiled from the B.C. coast. Among this group were 76 UBC students. 1950s Immigration and easing of federal discrimination laws encouraged parents outside of the Anglo-Canadian mainstream to send their children to UBC. The enrollment of 10,642 students included 526 visa students from countries around the world, which was a substantial increase from before the war. 1941 - Japanese internment student photos 1959-60 International House is a meeting place for UBC students from outside Canada. Officially opened by Eleanor Roosevelt in the May of 1959, the space provides support for international students but also UBC students in international programs around the world. 1957 - John Friesen showing students a model of International House 20 20