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TIMELINE OF INTERNATIONALISM AT UBC 1911 Mass immigration to Canada resulted in a boom period for the city of Vancouver in the early 20th century. The population grew from a settlement of 1,000 in 1881 to over 100,000 by 1911. 1914 - Sharp and Thompson proposed plan for Point Grey campus 1915 UBC’s first President, Frank Wesbrook, dubbed UBC the “People’s University.” While the university’s founding mission was to serve all the people of British Columbia, the majority of the student body was Anglo-Canadian, Christian, and middle-class, from homes in Vancouver or the Fraser Valley. 1913 - Portrait of F. F Wesbrook 1919 After the war Germanophobia complicated academic freedom. Government officials accused UBC of disloyalty to Britain after American UBC professor Walter C. Barnes was charged with promoting a German point of view. Patriotic ideals sharply divided faculty and students. Students were invited to study German on the basis that it was better to understand one’s enemies. 1927 1927 - Musqueam presentation of house posts Musqueam house posts were presented to UBC to remind students of the continuing presence of the Musqueam and that UBC is on Musqueam ancestral lands. This was at a time when nonAboriginal authorities thought they had silenced the native population. 19 19