Digital Catalogues - Page 17

How does your nationality affect the way you dress? Does living in Vancouver affect the way you dress? Do students dress differently at ubc? “ I did my undergrad in Guangzhou and I did high school in Sichuan province. For high school we had to wear school uniform, because it’s a way to show unity of the class... You represent the school and you are part of a class... It’s to create...a sense of belonging. The reason why we wear school uniform is because people want to avoid the envy or jealousy... In high school you should pay more attention to what you study, to the scores, rather than focus on what people wear. There is a difference between high school and uni- versity because at university I could wear what I want... I spent a lot of time on what other people wear, especially what women wear... The changes when I was in Guangzhou and when I was in Canada... is that people pay less attention to what you wear here at UBC. But back in China you find people looking at you and may judge you and you can notice it by their looks. So in China you really feel like you are in a collective atmosphere, where the person’s behaviour is always situated or embedded in the environment and your behaviour has a kind of consequences... Here, I feel whatever, it’s so casual... Even me, I don’t care what I wear, because more time and energy is spent on study.” − Shirley Tao, Graduate International Student 17