Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 96

To make earrings Step 1 Create the earrings by taking a 15cm piece of 22 gauge wire and twisting around the bottom of your 22mm oval three times – leave a few centres of wire at the base to secure the briolette drop - and then threading on the appropriate centre oval beads as per the project photo. Secure them by twisting the wire around the top of the oval tightly. With the remainder of wire at the top of the oval, create a loop and then wrap back towards the oval to finish. With the remainder of wire at the base of the oval, thread on the briolette crystal and then create a wire-wrapped loop to finish. TIP: Be careful not to make the briolette loop too tight, as it can cause the briolette hole to snap. Step 2 Attach the earring wire to the earring drop and then repeat all Steps for second earring. Project components from Wishware Beads (08) 9721 6566, visit or email designer Louise at