Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 95

Step 3 Cut the whirl chain into the following lengths: six 1-whirl feature section (ie: six lengths which each feature one ‘whirl’) 12 2-whirl sections and eight 3-whirl sections. Using the project photo as a guide, ire wrap the appropriate beads between the sections of whirl chain. Keep these together as Pile 1. Also, wire wrap the appropriate beads between the sections of whirl chain, and keep these separated as Pile 2 2 Step 4 Attach the whirl chains in Pile 1 with a jump ring onto the top of the main dangle. There should be three on either side (Photo 4). Step 5 Creating the oval sections: Take each 22mm oval and about 15cm of wire and twist 3 times around the base, leaving about 5cm underneath and 10cm extending in the opposite direction. Thread on the cosmic bead with spacers on either side and twist the wire around the top of the 22mm oval 3 times. With the remaining length of wire, take your round nose pliers and slide on the 3 whirl chains attached in Step 4 and the twist wire back around, wrap and trim. On the opposite side, attach one of each of the chains separated in Pile 2. Repeat the same for the other side of necklace (Photo 5). 4 5 Step 6 Create the smaller oval by using the same directions as in Step 5, but instead use the golden shadow cubes as centerpieces. When twisting around and adding the chain, add the chain on the first end, but on the second include a 6mm Swarovski crystal in golden shadow and then twist around and slide on the clasp and wrap so that it creates a coil about 2mm in length. Repeat the same for the other side (Photo 6). 6