Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 94

6mm golden shadow donut 8mm golden shadow donut 18mm golden shadow donut 6mm crystal copper donut 8mm golden shadow donut 8mm crystal copper donut Diamond drop Diamond drop 1 Step 1 Start your necklace by wrapping the diamond shaped drops which will form the main drop of your design. Cut approx 15cm of 22-gauge wire, thread on the diamond drop and cross wires above drop to create a V shape. Then, take one end of the wire and wrap around to make a coil about 2mm in length, and then trim. With the remaining wire, trim at about 1cm from the top and turn with the round nose pliers into a loop. Step 2 Wire wrap one 8mm crystal copper donut onto each of the diamonds’ eyes created in Step 1, by taking a 15cm length of 22-gauge wire, making a loop at one end and sliding on the diamond eye and then wrapping to create a 2mm coil. Thread on the appropriate beads, following the Step 1 diagram, and then bend the wire into a loop approx 1cm from the top and wrap one piece of wire around the other to create a coil. Using these instructions, make the two dangles and the main feature 18mm and top beads referring to Step 1 diagram as a guide. Connect together with one twisted jump ring (Photo 2).