Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 89

It made sense for us to combine forces – plus it’s been super fun too! Debbie and I had always joked about meeting up in person but it wasn’t until 2013 and one of US artist Christi Friesen’s visits that I really started thinking seriously about it. Christi had come to The Whimsical Bead after visiting Debbie in Geraldton on a teaching tour, and we got to talking about her time in WA. She went on to tell me how she thought that Deb and I would get along magnificently and how she’d just seen the new pieces that Deb had been working on and that my students would love them. I can’t speak for Debbie (although I think she would agree!), that Christi just gave me the push I needed to start hassling Deb about teaching here at the studio. So, after about a year of my constant nagging and pestering, Debbie finally gave in and we organised a weekend of workshops here at The Whimsical Bead studio! These took place recently in March this year here at the studio and although it was a bit of a flying visit, it really was one of the most enjoyable and inspirational times of my polymer clay journey. I picked Debbie up from the airport on the Thursday evening and instantly we clicked. I felt like I had known this woman my entire life! We did not stop talking the whole way home - my poor partner, Nick, who had volunteered to drive, couldn’t get a word in edge ways! By the time we arrived back to the studio and set up for workshop the next day, it was about 11pm and we reluctantly decided to try and get some sleep ready for the next day (although I was way too excited to sleep and Deb was still on WA time!).