Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 84

Step 1 – Looming Warp the loom 31 wefts wide with Nymo D thread Commence looming the cuff in accordance to the pattern The pattern is designed so that you can adjust the length of the cuff to your wrist size. Loom to the desired length Step 2 – Edging Be creative with your edging – this design used a simple straight edge bead or picot in a contrasting colour. Step 3 – Finishing This design was finished using ribbon clamps. You can create a tab and insert a slide clasp for something different. TIP: Caron decreases stitches at either side of the loom work until she gets to the right tab width – then loom enough rows to secure the slide clasp – usually about 20 to create a small tab. For a “tab” finish – Beadaholique has a great video: aspx Once you have woven in the threads - fold the tab over the slide bar where the decrease commenced and securely stitch. Add your clasp to either the ribbon clasp/slide bar. See more of Caron’s original loomed designs online: