Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 71

3 3a Step 3 PU one TB, PNT the next PB, then PU one SB, PNT next PB, repeat this pattern around your beadwork circle (Photo 3). Exiting your needle through the upper hole of the last TB (Photo 3a). Step 4 PNT the top hole of the TB and then PU five Size 15/0 seed beads and loop them around the TB, taking your needle through the top hole and then out through the bottom hole (Photo 4). Step 5 PU four Size 10/0 seed beads and PNT the next SB – work your way around the beadwork circle in this manner (Photo 5), until you reach your starting TB. PNT the starting TB (Photo 5a). 5 4 5a