Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 64

  2 3   Step 2 Fill the gaps between the FP beads with one Size 15/0 seed bead (use both threads – working in opposite directions). Cross your thread in one FP and pull the beads firmly together – this will be the top/front side of the pendant. PNT the Delica pairs beside the FP bead and cross them again inside the FP between the Delica bead pairs. Simply connect the 4mm fire-polished beads (no new beads between them). The threads should meet between two 4mm fire-polished beads (Diagram 2). Step 3 3 Place the rivoli into the setting – the rivoli right side facing the Size 15/0 seed beads. Pull the threads firmly until all the fire-polished beads on the back side are sitting snugly together. Secure your beadwork with a knot. Work your threads through your work, tying some half-hitch knots. Trim your thread (Diagram 3, Photo 3). Step 4 4 Cut a comfortable working length (approx. 1-1.2m) of Fireline and thread your needle. Knot your Fireline into your beaded bezel. Take your Fireline through your bead edge to exit one FP bead. PU three Size 15/0 seed beads and then PNT the next FP. Work your way around your beaded bezel in this manner. To finish, exit through the second bead of one three-seed bead addition (Diagram 4).