Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 63

 Materials 1 14mm crystal rivoli (SR) 36 4mm fire-polished beads (FP) 45 half Tila beads (HT) 18 3mm pressed round beads (PR) 18 3mm bugle beads (B) Size 11/0 seed beads Size 15/0 seed beads Size 8/0 seed beads Size 11/0 Delica seed beads Beading thread (0.25mm Fireline thread Tools Beading needles Cutters Abbreviations PU = pick up PNT = put needle through Anyagszükséglet: 1x 14mm rivoli SR 9+9+18x 4mm firepolished 4FP 18+27x half Tila HT 18x 3mm pressed round bead 3P 18x 3mm bugle B 11/0, 15/0, 8/0 seed beads 11/0, 15/0, 8/0 11/0 delica D 0,25mm damil, 0,16mm damil vagy 0,12mm fireline 4FP, D Fűzés menete: 1 Step 1 Cut a 1.5m length of 0.25mm thread and thread a needle onto each end. Use two needle right-angle weave to create the rivoli setting: PU two Delica seed beads and thread to the middle of the thread length. *PU one FP on the left thread and then one on the right thread. PU two Delica seed beads and cross your threads inside these two Delicas, pulling your threads firmly. Repeat from * to make seven more of these bead units. After the 9th Delica bead, PU one FP again on both threads. With one of the 15/0 threads, pass through the first Delica pair again, then stitch back through the FP on the other thread. (Diagram 1). Pull the threads firmly to create a tight circle.