Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 56

Materials 1 raw brass leaf pendant 2 12mm antique gold flower stampings 2 antique gold open petal bead caps 6 50mm antique gold head pins 1 9mm antique gold etched jump ring 3 4mm antique gold jump rings 1 8x6mm opaque lavender bellflower bead 1 8x6mm lavender bellflower bead 1 12x10mm green/purple bellflower bead 60cm 2mm-wide green leather cord Tools Round-nose pliers Flat-nose pliers (two pairs) Needle-nose pliers Wire cutters Craft paint (lavender, light green) Clear acrylic spray Small paint brush Dish soap Step 1 Wash the raw brass leaf with dish soap and water. Dry completely. Paint the front of the leaf with the green and lavender paint. When dry, spay the front with a coat of clear acrylic and leave to dry. Spray the back of the pendant and set aside to dry. Step 2 Take a head pin with thread on one large bellflower bead and one open petal bead cap. Make a wrapped loop. Take another head pin and thread on one opaque bellflower and one 12mm flower stamping. Make a wrapped loop. Take a third head pin and thread on the remaining bellflower. Make a wrapped loop. Step 3 Open one 4mm jump ring and add it to the loop on the large bellflower bead drop. Repeat this Step for the two smaller bead drops. Step 4 Open one etched jump ring and thread on the leaf pendant and bead drop/jump rings. Step 5 Run the leather cord through the etched jump ring and knot the ends for closure. (You may add a clasp to the ends of the leather cord, if desired).