Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 53

Materials 1 raw brass grand leaf stamping 4 antique gold leaf bead caps 1 4mm antique gold jump ring 2 19mm taupe Picasso honeycomb Czech beads 1 8mm cream Picasso nugget bead 3 8mm peridot Picasso Czech rondelles 2 32/0 green/blue aged Picasso beads 7 Size 8/0 brown seed beads 2 brown random beads 60cm green Sari silk ribbon 22-gauge bronze wire Tools Round-nose pliers Flat-nose pliers (two pairs) Chain-nose pliers Metal hole punch Wire cutters Scissors Craft paint (green, brown) Paint brush Clear acrylic spray Dish soap Steel wool (fine) Step 1 Clean the brass leaf stamping with warm water and dish soap. Dry completely. Using the hole punch, make a hole in the top centre of the leaf. Step 2 Paint the front of the leaf with green and brown paint. Set aside to dry. When paint is dry, lightly rub the top of the leaf with the steel wool to highlight the brass. Spray the front of the leaf with the clear acrylic spray and leave to dry. Then spray the back and leave to dry. Step 3 Cut a 7cm length of wire and thread one end through the hole on the leaf. Make a wrapped loop above the hole of the pendant. Do not cut the long wire end. Instead, thread on one nugget bead and make a wrapped loop. Trim and wire end. Step 4 Cut a 15cm length of wire. Make a wrapped loop at one end. Do not cut the long wire end. Load the wire in the following order: brown seed bead, honeycomb bead, top loop on leaf pendant, honeycomb, and seed bead. Make a wrapped loop and trim the wire end.