Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 47

Materials 1 medium brass ox oak leaf stamping 3 antique gold petal bead caps 12.5cm antique gold oval chain 2 9mm antique gold etched jump rings 1 6mm antique gold jump ring 6mm 4 4mm antique gold jump rings 4 50mm antique gold head pins 1 antique gold lobster clasp 6 crimp tubes Assorted Size 8/0 seed beads (earth tone colours) Assorted 4mm round beads (earth tone colours) Bronze seed beads Green ribbon and brown knotting cord Beading wire Tools Round-nose pliers Flat-nose pliers (2 sets) Wire cutters Crimping pliers Scissors, metal hole punch Craft paint (brown, green, burnt orange), clear acrylic spray, brush Fall Oak Leaf Bracelet By Lisa Marie Jimenez Step 1 Use the metal hole punch to make a hole at each end of the oak leaf stamping. Curl the stem of the leaf toward the back - the hole needs to be large enough to accommodate the 9mm jump ring. Step 2 Paint the front of the leaf with your craft paints. When the paint is dry, apply a coat of clear sealer and leave to dry. Paint the chain with green paint. Let the paint set for a few minutes, then wipe away some of the paint. When the paint is dry; seal the chain with clear spray.